Reducing the Risk of Mold Growth after a Water Disaster

  • Call a professional with the experience to restore your home and air quality
  • Professionally dry the home or building as quickly as possible with dehumidifiers and air movers, if possible.
  • Remove carpet, insulation, upholstery, drywall, and other porous items that cannot be cleaned if these were wet for longer than 72 hours. If not removed, these items may remain a constant source of mold growth in the home.
  • Removal of mold from hard surfaces can be accomplished with commercial remediation products.
  • If mold growth is related to faulty plumbing or another problem with the water supply, be sure to fix that problem first or the mold issue will never go away.
  • Wear protective masks in closed areas where mold growth is known or suspected, or when doing work that could kick up dust.

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